Levar's Life Available July 2018

Sorry it has been forever since I posted on here.  If you are new to my game, I am making a visual novel style game. Takes place in a "Lion King style" world. You follow a lion though his life and get to make some choices for him. Based on the choices you make there is three endings to the game. (Good, Neutral and Evil). It is my first game so it is pretty simple even compared to what I could do now with the learning I have done. But it will be free so nothing to lose right. I have REALLY enjoyed making it.

The game is very close to being finished. Mainly just some more character portraits to work on. (They honestly do not take too long unless I fully have to change them.) All backgrounds are finished. Only 3 more special pictures to finish (and one of them is half done the other two just need the characters finished in them.) I have my editor checking over the game and they will also be the one testing the game too.

I hope to have it out early July. (I say hope, since if I say I will than something will most certainly go wrong and I will have to come back and say I cant have it out on time.) :)

I don't have much else to say really past that. If you want to play the demo you can. I do have a web comic I am working on as well that takes place several generations after this game takes place. But still has some characters you see in the game. Because it takes place in the distant future from this game it may have some spoilers.  So I will leave that up to you if you are interested. The demo should be linked to this blog. The comic can be read here: https://timitu.deviantart.com/gallery/50432051/Moson-s-Comic

Anyway here is some pictures from the game that I posted in my most recent DA journal. If you do want to see more I suggest checking out my gallery or my journal on there as I kept that up to date a lot better over the past several months and always tried to include something to share.


^^ Gloomy background seen if you take the evil route.

^^ A more sunny background. I wont lie the background designs look like they are done by several people. Backgrounds are not my strong point so not all of them in the game will be the best. But hopefully it is not too distracting. These two here are some of my better ones.

^^ Levar, the main character in the story. He is the character you will get to make the decisions for.

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